Children's Emergency Resources

Helping to give local children the gift of good health


We continue to receive requests for help from many community agencies; and would love to assist more children and families in need. Here are a few testimonials from our advocates:

  • A four year old Head Start student was covered by Medicaid and her mother took her regularly to the dentist. The dentist identified a cross-bite and recommended an appliance that would correct the problem and prevent more problems as the child’s permanent teeth came in. Unfortunately the appliance would cost $1400.00 and Medicaid would not cover it. For a single mother of three working at a fast food restaurant, this was way beyond her means. Children’s Emergency Resources discussed the situation with Dr. Vakani, an orthodontist who has worked with us in the past. He agreed to see the child and provide the appliance at a significant discount. The hardworking mother was very grateful to Children’s Emergency Resources for providing the appliance.
  • J., an uninsured kindergarten student was seen by the primary care doctor at the Health Department who identified a “lump in the throat” and sleep apnea and requested a referral to a pediatric ear nose and throat specialist. The family was unable to afford specialty care. Children’s Emergency Resources was able to pay for a visit to Treasure coast ENT, where the specialist diagnosed acute tonsillitis and cervical lymphadenitis. He prescribed antibiotics and Medrol and requested a follow up visit, which Children’s emergency Resources also paid for. The family was referred to Florida Kid Care to apply for low cost health insurance.
  • O. is a sixteen year old boy attending South Fork High School. He was experiencing terrible back pain and painful urination. He was seen in the ER at Martin Memorial and referred to a urologist. The nurse at school was aware of the situation because he was not allowed back in school without follow up. Mom could not afford all the costs that would be involved with the follow up care. She contacted the urologist herself and was willing to pay for the doctor visit. She needed help with the testing. The school nurse referred the family to CERI. CERI worked with Martin Memorial Medical Center and arranged all the testing that was necessary. J.O. was diagnosed and treated. He is now back at school pain free.
  • All the children who attend Martin County Public Schools are now screened at least once a year for vision. These machines were paid for by CERI. Countless students fail these tests and then are sent for follow up with an eye doctor. Many of these children do not have insurance or the resources to pay for these visits. CERI works with several providers in the area who see these children and provide glasses for them. Children who may never have had this opportunity return to the classroom with improved vision.
  • A single father called to request help paying for a one time fill of medications for his daughter who was recently diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He had been through a very difficult year with several moves and job changes. The child’s Medicaid was abruptly cancelled and he was in the process of applying for Florida Kid Care, where the worker referred him to us. He had a new steady job as a sous chef but had exhausted his savings. The Prescription Shop was good enough to call Walgreen’s where the prescription was and have it transferred. Unfortunately it had no refills left and the Prescription shop contacted the rheumatologist in Miami. Eventually we were able to supply the young lady with a month’s supply of Methotrexate, Prevacid and folic acid for $180.59.
  • A grandmother of a Jensen Beach High School student called requesting help for her grandson, who was temporarily living with her and her husband, who had cancer. The young man’s mother died suddenly a year and a half ago and his father was incarcerated. He was being seen by a Hospice counselor at home and a mental health counselor at school but he needed dental work. The grandparents lived in Port St. Lucie and I called Dale for special approval in this case. We approved $250.00 for dental care at the Martin County Health Department.
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